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Spa Pool

Take the stress out of cleaner health and beauty.

Keep your Salon, Spa or Treatment center protected from harmful germs, all day everyday.

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A clean space starts at

per day

7 Day Action

Leave a transparent layer of active disinfectant that kills germs for up to 7 days.

300 Touches

Durable up to 300 touches, protecting against germs even under pressure. 

Easy Refill

Refill bottles and dispenser containers take less space and create less waste. 

Deep Clean

Cleans and degreases surfaces leaving them fresh and protected all day.

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We take your Business Seriously

When you're in the business of health and wellness, hygeine is always at the top of your list. With Safer Spaces we help you make that easier than ever by adding an extra layer of protection to your cleaning procedures.

An Easy Solution

Keeping regularly touched surfaces sanitized between cleaning cycles is a challenge that cannot be overstated, that's why we have developed a solution that protects surfaces with a 300 touch disinfectant, and a subscription service to make sure you always have what you need.

Front Desk at Clinic

Simple Economics


€ 2.99

Per Day

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The Box


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Choose Your Box


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Select your Subscription


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Get Monthly Deliveries

Bigger boxes let you clean more surfaces every day...

Door Handle


0.1 m²

Light Switch


0.1 m²



0.1 m²

Treatment Table


1.3 m²

Salon Chair


0.8 m²



0.2 m²

Office Desk


1.2 m²



3 m²

..and each box can be bought once or as a monthly subscription

No product

Clean a 10 chair hair salon with wash basins and a reception counter every day

No product

Keep a small Spa with treatment rooms and a locker room clean

No product

Protect the surfaces in a 15 room cosmetic and wellness clinic.

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