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Car Dashboard Screen

Stay on top of keeping your vehicle clean.

Protect your vehicle from Viruses and Bacteria.

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A clean car starts at

per day

7 Day Action

Leave a transparent layer of active disinfectant that kills germs for up to 7 days.

300 Touches

Durable up to 300 touches, protecting against germs even under pressure. 

Easy Refill

Refill bottles and dispenser containers take less space and create less waste. 

Deep Clean

Cleans and degreases surfaces leaving them fresh and protected all day.

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We take your Business Seriously

Getting people from A to B safely is what you already do. Add another layer of protection and keep customers coming back to a clean and hygienic vehicle. 

Nice Taxi Driver

Simple Economics


€ 0.99

Per Day

Using Clean N Coat instead of other cleaning products means that your seats,  interiors, handles and other touch points are not only clean, but actively sanitized between cleans, even when you miss a spot.

An Easy Solution

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The Box


Pack icons-11.png

Choose Your Box


Pack icons-12.png

Select your Subscription


Pack icons-13.png

Get Monthly Deliveries

Bigger boxes let you clean more surfaces every day...

Door Handle


0.1 m²

Light Switch


0.1 m²

Car Seat


0.8 m²

Office Desk


1.2 m²



3 m²

..and each box can be bought once or as a monthly subscription

A single vehicle operator such as a taxi or private hire vehicle, or the customer touch points of a food truck.

A Fleet of 15 taxis or delivery vehicles operating from a single depot or with shared garage facilities.

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